What Are The Most Funny Anime Jokes Of All Time?

Did You Ever Wanted To Stand Out With A Good Sense Of Humour Joking With Someone About Anime? Well, Here Are The Best Anime Dad Jokes To Laugh Out Loud. Crazy Funny Puns And Anime Pick Up Lines To Share With Friends.

  • I Dont Believe In Hitting My Children As Punishment

So I Send Them To School Wearing Crocs And Anime Shirts And Let Other Kids Beat Them Instead

  • How Many Anime Characters Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

Only 1, But It Takes Them 15 Episodes To Do It.

  • What Do You Call An Internet Page Dedicated To Anime?

A Weebsite.

  • How Many Anime Characters Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

Find Out Next Time On Dragon Ball Z.

  • I Was Watching Anime The Other Day When All Of A Sudden My Mom Walks In.

I Quickly Switched It Porn So She Wouldn’t Think I’m A Weirdo.

  • What Do You Call A French Ghost That Likes Anime?

A Oui-A-Boo.

  • What Do You Get If You Send An Anime Fan To One Of Saturn’s Moons?

Otaku On Titan

  • I Spent This Past Weekend Baby-Proofing My House…

I’m Not Having A Baby, But I Hung Up A Bunch Of Anime Posters To Make Sure That I Never Do.

  • My Anime Girlfriend Is A Shitty Driver.

It’s Not Because She’s Asian Or A Woman, It’s Because She’s Not Old Enough To Be Driving Yet.

  • What Do You Call A Drunk Anime Fan In The Desert?

A Tumbleweeb.  

  • What Do You Call A Crying Anime Fan…

A Weeaboo-Hoo

  • Born Too Late To Explore The Earth,

Born Too Early To Explore The Galaxy,
Born At Just The Right Time To Have Sex With Virtual Reality Anime Chicks.

  • Did You Hear About What Happened When The Anime Studio Tried To Make A Sex-Ed Video?

Kids Kept Getting Confused About Why The Octopus Was Showing Up.

  • What Do Isis And Anime Fans Have In Common?

They Both Get Hot And Bothered Over Cartoons.

  • I Finally Convinced Mom To Watch Anime To Prove It’s Not Childish And Immature At All.

But It’s Weird To Watch Hentai With Your Parents.

  • What Has More Ships Than The Navy?

Anime Fanbases

  • What Does An Anime Firetruck Sound Like?

Owo Owo Owo Owo Owo Owo Owo

  • What Do You Call A Drug Addict Who Likes Anime?


  • What Do You Call A Mexican Person Who Likes Anime?

An Otaco.

  • I Made Some Toast To Eat While Watching My Favorite Anime

But When I Sat Down I Realized There Wasn’t Even-Jelly-On

  • Tifu By Watching Anime On A Non-English Website

Whoops, Wrong Dub

  • What Do You Call An Anime Fan Blowing In The Wind?

A Tumble Weeb

  • What Do You Call The Ghost Of An Anime Fan?

A Weeaboo

  • What Do You Call Someone Who Only Watches Horror Anime?

A Ouijaboo.

  • My School’s Anime Club Started A Band To Play Reggae

Weeby Jammin’.


  • If An Anime Was Based Around The Ottoman Empire…

It Would Be A Literal Harem Anime.

  • What Flavor Does Anime Absolutely Hate?

Anything Vanilla, Apparently

  • What Do You Call An Anime Girl’s Dad?

A Loli Pop

  • My Favorite Anime Character

Liam Ni-San

  • I Like Cutting Up Broccoli Because…

It Makes Me Feel Like A Giant, Wielding A Tiny Anime Sword, Cutting Down Tiny Trees..

  • What Is A Suicidal Weebs Favorite Anime?


  • What Did The Anime Girl Say To Her Crush?

Notice Me 0.05480366515

  • What Do You Call A Ghost That Likes Anime A Weea-


  • Many People Consider Scaramanga To Be The Best James Bond Villain Of All Time.

I’ve Always Preferred Scara Anime.

  • What’s An Anime Character’s Favorite Type Of Candy?

A Neko Waffer

  • What’s An Anime Character’s Favorite Type Of Candy?

A Neko Waffer

  • What Is The Anime Watcher’s Favorite Number

10 Pi

  • Why Do Anime Fans Hate Electronica?

The Can’t Stand Dubstep

  • Fun Fact About Bleach

Bleach Is The Only Anime That You Can Drink.  

  • Why Could The Programmer Only Pop One Anime From The Stack?

Getting More Wifo Will Destroy Your Lifo.

  • Did You Hear About The Ghost Who Liked Anime?

What A Wea-Boo!

  • Who Would Most Likely Call Anime Chinese Cartoon?

A Chinese

  • I Have A Question For You Anime Fans.

Is Fansub The Opposite Of Fandom?

  • Many People Consider Scaramanga To Be The Best James Bond Villain Of All Time.

I’ve Always Preferred Scara Anime.

  • Whaddya Call An Anime Terrorist?


  • Someone In Japan Had A Crazy Idea For An New Anime Character….

A Jamaican Proctologist, “The Pokemon”

  • What Do You Call A Pokemon Anime Episode Focused On Baltoy?

Baltoy Story.

  • What Would A Perfume For The Anime Ouran High School Host

Club Be Called?
“Spritz Spritz Fall In Love”

  • What Was The Most Popular Anime During The Renaissance?

Attack On Titian.

  • Why Doesn’t Lil Pump Watch Anime?

He Watches Anim Ay Instead

  • Communism Are Like A Anime Girl.

Look Good On Paper But Didn’t Work In Real Life.

  • Would You Guys Mind If I Made Anime Jokes?

Good, Cause I’m Not Stopping My Danganron-Puns Anytime Soon!

  • Anime Is Proof

That 2 Nukes Wasn’t Enough

  • I Once Thought I Had A Japanese Friend

But He Turned Out To Be My Anime

  • If You Haven’t Heard, China Is Making An Anime About Karl Marx…

I Really Hope They Change The Title In The Local Dub To “Bourgeois Z”

  • If There Was A Star Wars Anime, What Would Han Solo Say To

Chewbacca When He Doesn’t Eat His Food?

  • What Happens If Mike Pence Develops An Anime Addiction?

He Becomes A Christian Evangelion.

  • “Anime Was A Mistake”

Does That Mean That Anime Is No Longer A Mistake?

  • A Man Who Couldn’t Hear Loved To Watch Anime.

One Day, His Friend Asked Him: Did You Know That You Still Owe Me Two Thousand Dollars In Loans?

  • What Do You Call A Firetruck Obsessed With Anime?

A Wee-Woo-Aboo

  • Why Is Ash Ketchum The Gayest Character In Anime?

Every Episode, He Falls For A Trap.

  • What Do You Call Someone Who Watches Anime?
OMG!  The 20+ Best Gliding Jokes Collection For This Week

Well I Would Say Dweeb But They Probably Already Took The D, So Weeb Is Fine

  • What Do You Do When You Meet A Fellow Anime Watcher Appreciates

The Theme Song Of An Anime You Like?
Kill Him, It’s An Opening.

  • So I Was Watching An Anime Last Night And All The Captions Were In Spanish

Oops Wrong Sub

  • I Made A New Anime About A Terrorist Trying To Choose The Favorite Of His Five Wives.

I Call It Boko Harem.

  • What Do You Call A Frenchman That Likes Anime?

A Ouiaboo

  • What’s An Anime Character’s Favorite Beverage?


  • I Dont Believe In Hitting My Children As Punishment

I Sent Them To School Wearing Crocs And Anime Shirts And Let Other Kids Beat Them.

  • Has A Beautiful Sleep, Wonderful Dream, Has Everything Done At 10 Am, And Its Only Saturday, Me;

“Aight Am I In A Fuckin Anime Or Some Shit?”

  • The Most Addictive Thing Aren’t Games, Drugs Or Anime It’s

Farming Karma For Bragging Rights

  • I Don’t Make Jokes About Anime.

Because My Mom Told Me To Not Make Jokes About Mental Illnesses.

  • Play Anime Bleach Game Online

My Favorite President Is Franklin D. Roosevelt
Cus’ I Really Hate Anime

  • What Do You Do When Your Neighborhood Is Overrun With Pokemon?

Call Anime Control.

  • What Does An Anime Character Call His Upperclassman Named Zero?

^^I’m ^^Sorry^Plsdontkillme

  • Anime In The Streets.

Hentai In The Sheets.

  • What Do Anime Characters Put On Their Sandwiches?


  • What Is Amanda Todd’s Favorite Anime?


  • What Was Amanda Todd’s Favourite Anime?


  • What Does The Car That Arrests Anime Fags Say?

Weeee Boooo Weeee Boooo Weeee Boooo

  • If An Echhi Anime Is Made In Russia

Will The Heroine Say B-Blyat?

  • What Should I Call My New Lesbian Hentai Featuring Two Anime

Schoolgirls Trapped In The South Tower During 9/11?
*Two Tsun?*

  • What Do You Call A Police Officer That Watches Anime?

A Wee-Woo-A-Boo

  • What Anime Do Mexicans Watch?

Boku No Pico De Gallo

  • If The Simpsons Were Anime, What Would Ralph Wiggum Say?

“Me Fair Engrish? Sat’s Unpossiburu.”

  • What Do You Call A Math Teacher In An Anime?

Sin Pi

  • What Do You Use To Search For Anime In Google?


  • What Would An Anime Spinoff Of Dora The Explorer Be Called?

Swiper No Swiping

  • What’s Jacob Sartorius’ Favourite Anime?


  • How Many Tickles?
    How Many Tickles Does It Take To Make An Anime Girl Climax?


  • How Many Tickles Does It Take To Pleasure An Anime Character?


  • What Do You Call Drake And Josh Obsessively Watching Anime?


  • What Do Anime Ghosts Say To Scare People?


  • What Does An Anime Mathlete Say?

Notice Me 7pi!

  • What Do Anime Fans Call Their Version Of Peekaboo?


  • What Do You Call An American Late Night Channel Block Dedicated To Tsundere Anime Shows?


  • Why Do Young Black Men Enjoy “Shounen” Anime?

Because All The Main Protagonists Have Absent Fathers.

  • What Is The Current Hit Song Among Anime Fans?


  • There’s Latin 21+ Remake Of “Ponyo” Anime

It’s Called Coño

  • What Do You Call A Mexican Fans Of Anime?

An Otaco

  • What Do You Call A Storm Full Of Anime Girls?

A Waifoon

  • What Do You Call Having Sex After Anime?

Nerd-Flix And Chill

  • What Do You Call A Master At Guessing Anime Characters?


  • What Do You Call A French Anime Fan?

A Ouiaboo

  • What Do You Call An Math Teacher In An Anime?


  • here are all the onse I know;

Sasuke puts the F-U in fun!
your mama’s so fat, even naruto can’t believe it!

  • How many DBZ characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One, but it takes him 10 episodes!
Orochimaru is as staight as a rainbow!

  • Friend Told Me To Stop Filing Taxes And Go Watch Anime With Him

But This Isn’t Even My Final Form.

  • What Type Of Car Do Anime Girls Drive?

A Nii-San

  • Have You Guys Heard Of That New Anime About A Jedi Who Grants Wishes?

Kawaii Gone Djinn

  • How Do Anime Fans Afford Their Hobbies?

They Bring Home 6 Figures

  • What Is Anne Franks Favourite Anime?

Death Note

  • What The Difference Between Anime And Hentai?

The Camera Angle.

  • What Do You Call A 60 Year Old That Likes Anime

A Wee-A-Boomer

  • Valid Arguments Are Like Anime Openings

There’s Always A But(T).

  • C.S.Lewis Once Wrote An Anthology On Anime Culture…

…The Chronicles Of Nani-A.

  • What Do You Get When You Cross A Sailor Scout With A Barn Yard Animal?

Sailor Moo

  • What Do Light And A Lift Have In Common?

They’re Both L-Evaders!

  • Where Did Vegeta Go After Death?

Into The Frieza

  • How Many Dragon Ball Z Characters Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

Just One, But It Will Take 6 Episodes!

  • What’s A Titan’s Favorite Food?


  • How Do You Get 500 Tenacruels On A Bus?

You Poke-Em-On!

  • What Is Gohan’s Favorite Instrument?

The Piccolo!

  • What Is Mami Tomoe’s Favorite Drink?

The Decappuccino

  • How Much Does A Full Metal Alchemist Box-Set Cost?

An Arm And A Leg!

  • What Is Wailord’s Favorite TV Show?

Whale Of Fortune!

  • What Is A Pokemon Fan’s Favorite City In Europe?


  • What Is Saitama’s Favorite Nose?


  •  Why Did Saitama Get Fired As A Train Conductor?

Well, He Did Well Until He Had To Punch A Ticket.

  • What Do You Call A Titan Who Can’t Swim?


  • What Do Saiyans Wear To The Beach?


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